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Boot Camp (Sep 3-5, 2008)
Photo gallery - Photo slideshow

Yosemite (Nov 9-14, 2008)
Photo gallery - Photo slideshow

Save the Bay (Nov 23, 2008)
Photo gallery

Romeo and Juliet - English - Mr. Proctor's and Ms. Shaw's classes (Feb 26, 2009)
Photo gallery - Slideshow

Monterey (March 2009)
Set A gallery - Set A slideshow
Set B gallery - Set B slideshow
Set C gallery - Set C slideshow

Save the Bay (April 2009)
Photo gallery - Photo slideshow

Seaside (April 2009)
Set A Photo gallery - Set A Photo slideshow
Set B Photo gallery - Set B Photo slideshow

Yosemite (November 2009)
Photo Gallery.

Car wash (October 2011)

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