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If you have questions about TEAM finances, please contact

Financial Information Handout can be found at:

PayPal Donation Option

If you have expenses from TEAM events, please fill out this form and attach your receipts, then mail to the treasurer at the address on the form:

TEAM Donations:
TEAM asks each family to make a $1250 tax-deductible contribution per student. This donation covers the cost for student programming for a week at Yosemite, including transportation, room and board. This donation also covers other costs to run TEAM –including transportation for day field trips, TEAM t-shirt, snacks throughout the year, meals on field trips, scholarships, and the end-of-the-year party. In addition, it pays for the extra time the TEAM teachers spend on interdisciplinary curriculum development and collaboration and the hourly cost for teacher after-hours work when TEAM teachers are leading TEAM activities outside of the school day and supervising students. TEAM receives no funding from Paly to cover these costs, so your donations are essential. Over 90% of families choose to donate to TEAM, and we depend on this generosity. Some families even donate more than $1250, which helps to cover the cost of families who cannot donate the full amount.

Thank you in advance for making the $1250 contribution—our program could not run without the generosity of our parent community. You can use Paypal off the TEAM website, click “Finances” tab, or mail in your check (payable to ‘Paly Interdisciplinary Experience’ with your child's name on the memo line), to our co-treasurer Ann Mendenhall using the info below:

Paly TEAM Treasurer: Ann Mendenhall, 1470 Arcadia Place, Palo Alto, CA 94303

While TEAM will not exclude any student for financial reasons, we hope you understand that all these "extras" cost money and you will make a donation in support of the program. This donation is tax deductible (Tax ID #77-0454317). If you have not looked at the TEAM website, please go to to see more about TEAM.

Scholarships are available if needed and can be obtained by contacting the TEAM treasurer at No one is excluded from full participation in TEAM activities for financial reasons. Families are welcome to set up payment plans or donate any amount that is possible if the full $1250 is a burden. Paly does not pay for student scholarships, but TEAM does apply for scholarships through Nature Bridge, the educational organization we contract with for the Yosemite trip.

One of the highlights of TEAM this coming year will be November 5-9, when TEAM students, teachers and parent volunteers travel to Yosemite National Park for a week-long Nature Bridge course. Your TEAM donation helps pay for transportation, meals, accommodations in Yosemite tent cabins, and Nature Bridge tuition to pay the salaries of our expert guides, plus hourly costs for teacher supervision at night. Further details regarding this trip will be presented during a parent meeting in October.

Company Matching Gift Program:
Many companies will match donations made by their employees. Since TEAM (Paly Interdisciplinary Experience) is a non-profit 501C(c)(3), it may be possible for you to request a match of the $1250 you donated for your student's participation in the program. If your employer has a matching-gift program, please let us know. Listed below is the information you may need to provide your employer.

50 Embarcadero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tax ID# 77-0454317
Contact: Liz Brimhall 650-208-3971

Parents should consider eScrip as an easy (and free) way to contribute financially to TEAM based on charges you make with your existing credit cards. When updating your group selection at, you may search for TEAM based on its Group ID (500005896) or Group Name (Palo Alto High School TEAM). Click on the name. Once it appears in the blue box, click on "update" or the change will not be applied. You can also find TEAM "Paly Interdisciplinary Experience" on Amaon Smile,

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