What TEAM students have to say about being in TEAM...

"'Make new friends and keep the old' as the quote goes is so true. Through TEAM I have met several new friends, but at the same time I am still extremely close to the friends who are not in TEAM. My main hesitation about doing TEAM was whether I would know anyone, but after the fist day I immediately felt [like I was] a part of the TEAM family."
-Rebecca Moragne, current TEAM student from Jordan

"Even if your friends might not be going into TEAM, it is still a great opportunity to meet new people and become really close with them. I had friends that were doing TEAM, but that didn't stop me from making new friends."
-Molly Fogarty, current TEAM student from JLS

"TEAM offers many great opportunities to do projects that aren't always inside the classroom, but outdoors such as Yosemite and Foothill Park."
-Anthony Liu, current TEAM student from JLS

"Tying TEAM throughout my high school career has been a great experience. The transition into high school was smooth and easy because of TEAM. Now, I enjoy coming back and making this transition easier for incoming freshman as a senior leader."
-Mieko Temple, senior at Paly

"TEAM is a great way to start Paly. I became connected and grounded to the school even though I didn't know many people when I arrived. Most people assume that TEAM gives no homework and teaches differently, but it's just like the rest of the Paly freshmen classes. When they advertise that they are a small community-they are not lying!"
-Sabrina Goya, current TEAM student from JLS