***Ms. Kolb***
Room 205, period 2, and MAC 201 periods 4, and 6
English Department/office

***Ms. Williamson***
Room 213, periods 1, 3, and 5
English Department/office

***Class Materials and Homework Assignments***
Assignments and materials for English class are posted in the unit files on Schoology.

Weekly homework assignments are written on the white board in class and posted on Schoology.

Link: https://schoology.pausd.org/

***TEAM Teacher Profile!***
Ms. Kolb

1. How many years have you been teaching at Paly and which subject(s)?
I've been a teacher here for 15 years, but with a LOA for a 1 semester maternity leave and an LOA for one year.
I have taught Freshmen English 9 & 9A, Sophomore English 10 & 10A, and American Lit.
Additionally, I have been a 9th grade TA for many of those 15 years.
2. What is your favorite TEAM activity or event and why?
Yosemite: The park is beautiful and it is THE event when I really bond with and get to know my students as whole people.

3. What is your favorite or least favorite expression that your students say?
My favorite expressions change from year to year and class to class. Teen lingo cracks me up and keeps me feeling young.

4. What do you like to do outside of school?
Hands down, I like to hang out or travel with my husband and two children. I also love hiking, skiing, cooking, Pilates, and being with my extended family and close friends.

5. What is the coolest thing you did this summer?
I went on a 5 day canoeing trip down the Green River in Utah. It was amazing and I got a chance to meet some really great people. Ms. Brimhall went too!