Student Selection

During high school registration and course selection, (which occurs during the spring of 8th grade), families may opt to enter their students in the lottery for a chance to become a part of the TEAM program. To do so, all you have to do is click the TEAM option during the registration process. Automatically, your student will appear on the TEAM list and the counselors create a schedule of the required academic classes enrolled during the TEAM periods with the TEAM teachers.

TEAM classes are filled until the program reaches capacity, which is approximately 100 students. If necessary, a waiting list is created so that any openings can be immediately filled. We feel very strongly that students who really want to be a part of TEAM can and should be a part of TEAM! No student is denied participation in the program for any reason. The ninth grade counselor will contact you if your child has been selected from the lottery and you will have a window of time to make a final decision about staying enrolled in TEAM classes.

We appreciate all kinds of students!