Course Offerings


All TEAM students will take one of the following:

  • English 9 (College Prep lane)
  • English 9A (accelerated lane)

The English component of TEAM is designed to maximize each student's ability to develop his or her writing, verbal and analytical skills. The literature-based curriculum sometimes coincides with those of World History and Biology to expand and increase both meaning and variety in the learning process.


All TEAM students will take one of the following:

  • Biology 1A (college prep lane)
  • Biology AC (accelerated lane)

Like the TEAM English classes, both lanes are grouped in the same class period. These courses encompass the same core curriculum as that of Paly's regular Biology program. In addition, there will be several opportunities for students to participate in field study at Yosemite Institute, the Arastradero Preserve, and the Palo Alto Baylands.


Math courses available to TEAM students are those that are offered to every ninth grader at Paly:

  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 1A
  • Algebra/Geometry A
  • Geometry/Algebra 2A

Math is not an official TEAM class although it is one of the four core academic subjects.

World History

All TEAM students, and all Paly freshmen, will take World History, an interactive year-long course that traces the major historic events in Europe and elsewhere from the Renaissance to the present.